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My engine has a knocking sound when i press gas, when i speed up the sound goes away. I took my car to a mechanic he placed it on the computer but didn't see anything. He added Lucas oil stabilizer to my oil to see what would happen but the noise is still there.My engine light is on my dashboard as well. What can that be?

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Jessica Howe, Automotive Expert & Coach at


Thank you for writing in. Have the vehicle scanned for codes to determine what is causing the check engine light. The knocking may or may not be related, but it is important to know that ahead of time. There are several different reasons that you may experience engine knock. Most of the time it is due to timing, an ignition issue, or a worn engine. Low oil or low octane fuel can cause pre-ignition, where the fuel air mixture explodes too soon. An issue with ignition due to oil or fuel is most likely given the timing of your knocking sounds. If your engine has high mileage, over or around 150,000 miles for example, you may have an issue with the valve train. Only further inspection will tell. 


Good luck!

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